You cannot talk about cars today — or of any era, for that matter — without talking about technology.  Our firm’s San Diego car accident lawyers often discuss the different kinds of technology out on the road: ones that cause distracted driving and ones that save lives.

Every day, new cars are becoming equipped with computers, begging the question of whether or not auto-computer based technology helps or hinders our cars?  With cars becoming more complex by the day, are more accidents likely to follow?  These are the questions that National Public Radio (NPR) recently asked some experts.

With automotive designs becoming more complex, the risk of getting into a car accident might increase.

Essentially, the concerns with putting computers and data-based technology in cars is that there is the possibility they might malfunction like a computers, but produce the personal injuries seen most traffic accidents.  With progress comes a new terrain of possibilities for cars to malfunction due to design defects with their internal computers.

Other questions start to arise concerning things like maintanence, repair, and getting auto insurance for a car that might be more computer than vehicle.  It will take a whole new generation of engineers and mechanics to stay on top of the problems that will inherently come when cars start running off of 1’s and 0’s rather than gasoline.

Last summer, San Diego was hit with a tragedy when a Toyota truck killed four people due to a gas pedal defect and unintended acceleration problems.  Many are worried that adding more technology to a car will make it more accident prone rather than increase safety on the road.

The goal, however, of all these technologically complex cars is to promote safety.  There are vehicles being developed that will stop by themselves at a red light, even if the driver’s foot is flooring the accelerator.  Others are able to safely parallel park themselves so that motorists do not have to attempt one of the trickiest maneuvers in the book.

What do you think?  Are computers going to help or hurt cars?  Our firm’s car accident lawyers know that only time will tell when it comes to advancing car technology and safety measures.  Until then, make sure that you know your car inside and out and if there is a problem with it, don’t wait — get it fixed.

Don’t put off today what you can do tomorrow, because tomorrow your car might be running off of a computer.

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