Commercial trucking regulations have been under speculation significantly in the last several decades as a result of the dangerous accidents that can result from drivers who are inexperienced, not paying attention or simply reckless behind the wheel. Certainly no one in California or anywhere else in the nation would argue that safety for commercial truckers is a pressing and constant concern. Far too many trucks are involved in dangerous San Diego car accidents for the connection not to be clear with these issues.

Commercial Trucking Accidents Could Lead to Serious Injuries

Practically every accident involving a tractor trailer or eighteen wheel rig shows just how devastating these accidents can be. This is part of the reason that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has been focused on the all-too-alarming frequency of trucking accidents. One of the focal points of their past efforts to address this concern has been educating drivers. A new rule was recently proposed that would require new drivers as well as any individuals looking for commercial license upgrades to go through a revised batch of testing regarding theoretical training and behind-the-wheel training initiatives.

This would be called as the entry level commercial trucking training program, stressing a driver’s familiarization with all kinds of subject matter that could influence him or her behind the wheel of a major truck. These include fatigue awareness, truck maintenance and inspections, and hours of service requirements. Although this government enactment might take some time to become mandatory across the country, it seems like a step in the right direction to prevent serious car accidents.