New research from the University of Alabama at Birmingham indicates that a driver’s willingness to participate in risky distracted driving behavior could depend on their personality. Distracted driving tendencies were linked to particular characteristics of personality.

Curious and conscientious teenagers as well as extroverted older adults may be more likely to participate in distracted driving behavior behind the wheel. Agreeable teens, however, are much less likely to engage in distracted driving behavior, according to the research study.

The study was published in Accident Analysis and Prevention as a result of the fact that distracted driving may be an element in approximately half of all car crashes across the country. This translates to one million crashes with injuries every single year. One in ten of those crashes will lead to a fatality. The research study was prompted in order to learn more about the factors that contribute to distracted driving.

Past research has focused on cognitive functioning, sensory awareness, demographics and health and their impact on driving behaviors but personality had to this point not yet been a major focus of study with distracted driving. Anyone can become a victim of distracted driving when another driver is not paying attention behind the wheel.

Even if you were engaging in relatively safe road behavior, another individual on the road glancing away for just a couple of seconds to read a text message or to change the radio station can change your life forever if that behavior leads to a devastating car accident.

Unfortunately, the injuries associated with texting and driving accidents can be catastrophic and can impact your life for many years to come. Many victims of distracted driving car accidents in California will have to go through years of medical treatment and never be able to fully recover from their injuries.