The Illinois Supreme Court struck down a legal guideline unique only to Illinois regarding personal injury as a result of asbestos lawsuit cases.

The inhalation of asbestos fibers can cause serious illnesses and lung cancer, resulting in a wrongful death of a loved one.  Since the mid 1980s, many uses of asbestos have been banned in several countries because asbestos is hazardous and deadly to a person’s health.

Our firm’s personal injury attorneys in San Diego experience dealing with asbestos lawsuit cases and they know that asbestos cases in Illinois can be influenced by the law known as the “Lipke rule.”  Under this rule, a person filing an asbestos lawsuit case can be prevented from introducing evidence to a jury of another source of asbestos exposure and product liability .  Artificial trials are created and kept juries in the dark about the actual source of asbestos exposure.

These personal injury lawsuits hit a lot of companies that made asbestos or used it heavily in their products (i.e. shipbuilders).  The majority of the companies being sued used small amounts of asbestos in their products or whose workplaces contained asbestos in insulation or other building materials.

Regardless of the size of the company involved, the company can be held responsible for any personal injury from the use of asbestos no matter how much asbestos was used, because even a small amount could require medical treatment.

There was a reason why asbestos was banned in the United States as well as other countries in the world.  Our San Diego personal injury attorneys work to make sure clients that have contracted personal injury from the smallest amount of asbestos get the maximum settlement possible to help pay their medical bills and any pain and suffering.

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