Recent implementation of the “crash tax” has many San Diegans up in arms. Some clamor for government accountability, claiming the cost recovery initiative is tantamount to double-taxation. But beneath perceived threats to our civil liberties, there lurks another danger: drivers who will avoid the crash tax by abandoning or failing to report injury car accidents to evade the extra fees.

Cost recovery for the San Diego Crash Tax

In a fiery piece for SignOn San Diego, the president of the Chula Vista Civic Associatio explains the workings of the new crash tax, stating that taxpayers may be charged for fire department and police department responses to the scene of an accident, as well as hazardous cleanup and tools required for the task. She argues that the unpopular crash tax is “infuriating.”

“Depending on where you live or travel, whether you are a resident or non-resident, and which party is found at fault in cities where the crash tax becomes an ordinance, you may be billed by a third party,” she writes.

She contends that the tax is “reprehensible and irresponsible” from a taxpayer’s perspective; but what about the impact on road safety?

In tough times, cost evasion may increase accident risk

Times are lean, and few San Diegans have the cash to cover an additional tax brought upon them in the event of a car accident. While complaints against double-taxation may be founded, a more immediate danger is waiting in the wings. Faced with the possibility of an unclear tax that isn’t necessarily dependent on accident causation, drivers may be tempted to abandon the scene of even minor car accidents to avoid financial loss.

Such behavior is incredibly risky and could result in the following hazardous situations:

  • Hit-and-run accidents
  • Improper or delayed attention to injury
  • Abandoned vehicles
  • Un-checked vehicle damage that may cause a malfunction
  • Incomplete insurance procedures
  • Severe losses in car accident and injury damages

No tax is more costly than the potential price of human life. Always report car accidents to the proper authorities and help keep the roads safe.

What to do if you are involved in an accident

Unfortunately, accidents happen every day, even if drivers are diligent in preventing them. You may or may not be at fault, but either way,  having a car accident checklist handy in case of an accident is a good idea.

A car accident checklist list will aid you in collecting the proper information after an accident happens, so it’s a smart idea to print the car accident checklist now and store it in your glove box.

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