Being spotted by other drivers is a great way to avoid being struck by a car, but sadly cycling accidents are still all too common. This is true even when a cyclist is wearing reflective gear or following all road laws. The fact that cycling accidents are so persistent and lead to such devastating injuries has prompted technology designed to address the problems, including daytime running lights.

Most cyclists know they have an increased accident risk at night because cars are less likely to see them, but it turns out that even daytime lights could decrease crash chances. The more visible a cyclist is to truck and car drivers, the less likely a catastrophic accident.

A recent market research analysis of daytime running lights in the market for cyclists has revealed the potential impact of reducing serious injuries. Bicycle lights help to improve traffic conditions during the night. In conjunction with streetlights and retroreflecting material, they reduce the risk of an accident by increasing the visibility condition. Furthermore, cyclists can be protected by a greater opportunity to minimize their reaction time and therefore, reduce the severity of an accident. This can also enable the driver involved to take action to avoid the mishap when they see the daytime running lights first.

Many different countries around the world have already mandated the use of lights on the bicycles during the dark and can even impose fines if the lights are not properly deployed. Daytime running lights can enable other drivers to spot the cyclists more easily and to decrease the chances of a severe and life-changing accident. If you or someone you know has already been hurt in a bicycle accident during the day or night, you need the help of a San Diego personal injury attorney who knows how these issues work and who will help you prepare a comprehensive claim for maximum recovery.