When you are living with paralysis, you have two options: stay at home and watch the world happen from your window, or do the things you’ve always enjoyed doing.

Our firm’s spinal cord injury attorneys in San Diego want to acknowledge a coast-to-coast bike ride that includes paralyzed cyclists, many of whom are veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces, according to Sonoma News.

4,000 miles to ride on a bike, despite spinal cord injuries and other disabilities.

This past weekend, around 30 cyclists, each with different disabilities, gathered in San Francisco and started their bike ride east to Virgina Beach — a 4,000 miles cross-country excursion.  The idea is to go from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean not letting their paralysis get in the way of fitness, goals and life-long dreams.

The other goal of the trip — aside from a general love of biking and travel — is to demonstrate to other veterans around the country that they too can accomplish great feats, even with spinal cord injuries or lost limbs.  Life doesn’t have to end just because your body has changed.

One rider suffered a spinal cord injury after returning from the Marine Corps, which has resulted in paraplegia.  Unlike most 27-year-olds, his legs won’t work, but his arms and hands do, so he is using those limbs to pedal his specially-equipped tricycle across the country.

Even celebrities are looking to help out and support the cause.  Academy Award-winning actor Robin Williams joined the group for dinner on one of the first stops of their tour and rode with them the next day as they continued on their route East.

To any one who says that veterans or anyone else with paralysis may not ever overcome their disabilities and accomplish amazing goals, our spinal cord injury attorneys want to call your attention to these athletes.  Many of us without spinal cord injuries don’t ride 4,000 miles across the country, which is an amazing triumph any way you look at it.

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