Although accidents can and do happen anywhere, there are certain roads where chances of being involved in a fender bender or catastrophic accident are higher than others. Stretching from San Bernardino, Kern, and San Luis Obispo counties down to the southernmost tip of the state, some of the most beautiful scenery and sought after property is found in Southern California.

However, there are some of the most dangerous highways and roads throughout the entire state located in this area. There are more than 400,000 miles of asphalt stretching across the golden state; meaning that this is the United States’ second highest number of road miles surpassed by Texas alone.

Ventura County may have a relatively low number of accidents, however, five of the most populated areas throughout the state are home to the highest numbers of crash-related deaths and injuries. These include:

  •               Los Angeles
  •               Orange County
  •               Riverside County
  •               San Bernardino
  •               San Diego

The most dangerous roads include:

  •               I-5
  •               I-15
  •               I-10
  •               I-8
  •               State Route 126

Whether you were involved in a catastrophic accident on these roads or somewhere else, you deserve to protect your interests by scheduling a consultation with an experienced lawyer. 

A car accident can happen on any road, and even a road you’re familiar with. Research shows that people may become complacent operating their car in areas they drive on often. Even though your home street might not be a listed dangerous road in Southern California, you can still get hurt in an accident.