The cars of the future may look more like rickshaws crossed with high-tech wheelchairs and ones like the GM-Segway could lead to more fatal car accidents because of less safety features.

Our car accident attorneys see more and more cases every day of smaller cars are getting in fatal car accidents.  We all want better gas mileage, cleaner ways to burn fuel, and more advanced forms of travel.  But are you willing to sacrifice your safety and the safety of your passengers for upgrades under the hood?

General Motors Corporation and Segway Incorporated put their new automobile model on display at the New York Auto Show last week.  While the GM-Segway is more energy efficient, using gasoline direct injection and increasing fuel economy by three to four percent, this car has little to no defense in terms of safety for its passengers in the event of an auto accident.

This is a small automobile that uses only two wheels and has a clear dome covering the top portion of the passengers’ heads—does this sound like the type of car that will keep you safe in an accident?

With the two companies so focused on how fuel efficient and cheap this new line of automobile is to make, these auto manufacturers are overlooking how many wrongful deaths will be caused by the GM-Segway.

Many car buyers still think the adage of “bigger is better” applies when purchasing an automobile, and it is likely that in the near future you will see the American highways populated by huge vehicles plowing down tiny ones like the GM-Segway in more and more fatal car accidents.

Wrongful death accidents and fatal car accidents will increase because of the basic laws of physics in auto accidents.

In terms of weight and size, larger vehicles can absorb more crash energy from car accidents because of their structure.  Smaller car structures cannot take that much crash energy so think about the amount of damage that could happen if a GM-Segway collided with a mid-size family vehicle in a car accident.

When faced with giant cars on the road, our car accident attorneys urge you to drive cars that not only cause as little property damage as possible to the other party, but effectively protect you and your passengers in the event of a car accident.

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