It is news like this that makes our San Diego auto accident attorneys very happy.

The New York Times has reported that a new study shows how motorcycle accident fatalities declined in 2009.  Not since 1997 has the rate of wrongful deaths associated with motorcycle accidents been this low.

2009 saw the lowest amount of motorcycle-related deaths in 12 years.

For 12 years fatalities connected to motorcycle accidents have been rising at an alarming rate, but now, according to Governors Highway Safety Association report, motorcycle deaths in 2009 dropped at least by 10 percent.

The decline is expected to continue throughout 2010 and in California, motorcycle deaths are projected to decline by 29 percent or more.

The association has no clear-cut reason as to why motorcycle fatalities dropped last year as opposed to the previous 12 years, but that data credits a number of likely causes, among them are the bad economy, as well as heavy rain and snow in some states.  State-sponsored motorcycle safety programs were found to help reduce the 2009 fatality rate, however, they did not stop motorcycle accidents from happening in the first place.

Over the past decade, with the financial stability of many Americans going down and the price of gas going up, motorcycle riding has increased as a mode of transportation.  The downside is that this meant more inexperienced drivers were on the road, some who might not have been licensed or were properly covered by auto insurance.

Our San Diego auto accident attorneys are happy to hear that more people are staying alive when riding their motorcycles, but caution all bikers to take this good news with a grain of salt:  just because the statistics were positive for last year does not necessarily mean that the trend will continue on this year unless the safety standard continues.

So, for 2010, make sure to keep your helmet is on, your motorcycle in good condition, and follow all the rules of the road.  By this time next year we’ll know if we’ve made even more progress.

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