Wearing a helmet could have a significant impact on your ability to survive a motorcycle accident in California. A new 5-year study looked at more than 1000 patients to determine that motorcycle helmets do have a major impact on the ability to reduce spinal and neck injuries. These injuries can be particularly catastrophic as they can impact multiple parts of the body and make daily pain a struggle for a victim. Of the more than 1000 patients involved in the study who were treated at level one trauma centers, 738 were not wearing a motorcycle helmet while the remaining individuals were.

Of those who were not wearing helmet, more than 11% of them will have some type of cervical, spine or neck injury. When compared with those patients who were wearing a helmet, this number drops to 4%. The injuries sustained by riders not wearing a helmet while on motorcycle ride were also more severe when compared with those who did have the appropriate safety gear. Being involved in a motorcycle accident has the potential to turn your life upside down. Consulting with a knowledgeable San Diego motorcycle accident attorney may be the only way for you to recover compensation if the accident was caused by another driver’s distracted, aggressive, or reckless behavior. Neck injuries may not always be prevented by wearing a helmet, but your chances of one can be seriously reduced.

Given that a person riding on a motorcycle in san Diego does not have as many protections as a person inside a car, even when wearing a helmet, your life could be forever changed and you may be unable to return to work and facing mounting medical bills as a result of an accident. Wearing a helmet could help decrease your chances of being critically injured with a spine or neck injury but you may still need assistance recovering the compensation to help you with physical therapy and other medical bills.