With SUVs, trucks and large cars growing in size every day we know, as personal injury attorneys, that backing up poses a serious problem for car drivers.

Not even the most accomplished driver can see another car in its blind spots (hence the name).  In fact, blind spots have caused many car accidents and wrongful deaths.

Some new luxury cars are offering back-up cameras to help car drivers see what is behind them.  As experienced personal injury lawyers, we believe that a back-up camera is a small price to pay to protect your car and the lives of those around you.

Our car accident lawyers believe this technology is a must-have safety device, as it also saves users a lot of money from repairs needed from avoidable car accidents.  While the average back-up camera costs $100, repairs to a mirror can be as much as $500.  When factoring in that back bumper replacements and repairs can run as high as $2,000, a back-up camera is a sound investment.

A back-up camera is especially a good idea if you live in an area with many small pets or young children.  Between 2001 and 2003 alone, over 7,400 children ages one to fourteen were treated for injuries after being involved in a pedestrian accident when a car is backing up.  Many of these accidents could have easily been averted through the use of enhanced vehicle safety features, such as a back-up camera.

Here is how this technology works.  A small camera system is mounted above the rear license plate and a color LCD monitor mounts to the inside front windshield with suction cups.  The screen can be anywhere from 2.5 inches to seven inches, in size for easy viewing, and is wirelessly connected to the camera.  The entire system provides greatly improved rearward visibility and illuminates a few of those pesky blind spots when backing up and helps drivers judge distances better when maneuvering backwards to park.

In addition to cameras, car drivers can also become more alert and take measures into their own hands with other tactics.  Mirrors are often bumped in tight garages or even while a car is out on the street.  Checking to be sure they are properly aligned, even just once a week can make a big difference in reducing many unnecessary blind spots.  Also, checking the location of a car’s blind spots before getting into it is always good idea.

Safety always comes first, whether it be the extra $100 dollars needed to install a rear-view camera or just taking a few extra car accident safety precautions.  Regardless of how you do it, making sure that your blind spots are addressed when driving an automobile of any size can not only save you money, stress, and headaches, it may just save a couple lives.

Our car accident attorneys know that you will likely be found at fault for having a car accident with someone who was in your blind spot.

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