Concerns over airbags have reached fever pitch in recent years due to the recalls surrounding Takata’s models, which can unexpectedly explode and cause serious injuries. Any type of airbag explosion or problem can put a driver or passenger’s life at risk, and those affected by the massive airbag recall are curious about how many dangerous models have been replaced.

Senators will convene in a hearing to determine the status of the current airbag inflator recalls. Many Takata airbags were recalled due to the potential for the airbags to explode during operation of airbag deployment. The tentative hearing date was set for March 20th before the U.S. Senate Commerce sub-committee. That is the sub-committee that oversees the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Last June, Takata shared that they had already recalled or intended to recall approximately 125 million vehicles around the world by 2019. More than 60 million of those vehicles with defective airbags were located inside the United States and included models created by 19 automakers. Hundreds of injuries and more than 20 deaths have been associated with Takata airbag inflators. These can explode with extreme force, unleashing shrapnel pieces inside trucks and cars.

That airbag defect ultimately led to Takata to file for bankruptcy protection last summer. They are selling their non-airbag inflator businesses to another company as a result of that bankruptcy plan. A February 27th letter requested that Takata update senators with the status of the vehicle fixes. Approximately, half of the 40 million inflators that were recalled have been replaced, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

As with any defective product inside a vehicle, anyone can be seriously injured in an accident when a product malfunctions.