Medtronic Inc., the world’s largest medical technology company, has lost yearly profits as a result of defective products which caused personal injury and even wrongful deaths that were recalled.

The personal injury attorneys at our San Diego firm believe that manufacturers should be in charge of preventing products that cause personal injury and pain and suffering from reaching the consumers.  Products liability has been known to cause, in many cases, wrongful death.

Medtronic Inc. suffered a 3.2% sales decline of its electrical cardiac defibrillators, which help maintain a normal heart rhythm. The longtime leader in selling defibrillators, Medtronic lost market share following the October 2007 recall of its top-selling Sprint Fidelis wires, or “leads,” connecting defibrillators to the heart.

Some of these leads tend to fracture, and the company acknowledges the fractures’ apparent role in patients’ wrongful deaths and personal injury.  In addition to causing the wrongful death of a patient of whom Medtronic Inc.’s defective products are used on it could also lead to the wrongful deaths of many more individuals if the design defect triggers a car accident.

Our San Diego firm’s personal injury lawyers know that the makers of defective products can potentially be held liable for fault if a personal injury or wrongful death occurs due to negligence and products liability.  If that is proven in court, then they need to take care of picking up the tab for medical treatments and rehabilitation.

We want everyone to feel safe in the products they use and not at risk for pain and suffering because a product liability slipped through the cracks.

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