Being personal injury lawyers in San Diego, our firm sees accidents and injuries happen in so many ways.  The firm we have established here in Southern California namely works with car accidents and the injuries that come from the actual collisions, but did you know that there are countless ways to get hurt from an automobile?

Recently the news has been focusing on Toyota’s unintended acceleration design defect, but as a report from the Huffington Post has shown, somtimes it takes the power of the law for automotive company’s to fix potential  product liabilities and improve passenger safety.

Design defects that cause car accidents need to be fixed.

Since the 1960s, manufacturers have been less likely to put profits over people and the safety of their customers due to the design defects litigation that uncovers efforts to hide problems with vehilces.  This same litigation enforces the safety standards and gives auto companies incentives to not be flimsy with checking for potential product liabilities.

The downside of this is that the wheels of justice sometimes turn very slowly, creating blocks of time where auto makers can slide under the radar and not invest heavily in safety features that could prevent adult and children’s injuries from happening because of their products.

The domestic policy regarding things like the Toyota recall, power windows, and “illusory park” took a while to officially change in accordance with new rules put down by design defect litigation and lobbying on the part of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).  Change is possible, it just takes time.

In the future, our firm’s personal injury lawyers hope that design defect litigation can expediate the process of getting automotive manufactures to create safer and more efficient vehicles, but also to change problems with cars faster.

We shouldn’t have to wait for safety to be a number one priority.  That’s our San Diego personal injury lawyer’s stand.

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