Our car accident lawyers have handled many tragedies involving DUIs.  Driving a car while intoxicated on drugs or alcohol can seriously endanger yourself, your passengers, and other cars on the road.  We strongly encourage people to participate in designated driver programs that will keep them safe.

According to the California DMV, “The Designated Driver Program is an anti-DUI effort that works.”  Designated Driver Programs are simple, according to the NHTSA, requiring a minimum of two people.  The DMV and NHTSA recommend that the group plans ahead and select at least one person who promises not to drink alcohol or take any drugs and will become the designated car driver.  This ensures that people will get home safely, without increasing their risk of causing a DUI-related auto accident.

Encouraging the use of designated automobile drivers can save many lives due to car accidents. That is why the Ad Council and the United States Department of Transportation launched a campaign that worked to educate the American public about the dangers of operating an automobile after drinking (DUI).  The campaign, with the tagline, “Friends Don’t Let Friends Drive [DUI] Drunk,” increased public awareness of DUI accident driving.  Eighty percent of people who viewed the “Friends Don’t Let Friends Drive Drunk” public service announcements reported that they personally acted to stop someone from drunk driving and possibly causing a serious auto accident.

Recently, the Ad Council has decided to increase public awareness on the dangers of “buzzed” driving with the tagline, “Buzzed Driving is Drunk Driving.”   The Ad Council realized that their previous attempt did help people recognize that they should not let their obviously drunk friends drive, but the number of alcohol-related car accidents still was not reduced.  They found that automobile drivers who believed themselves to be merely “buzzed” rather than drunk, still drove their cars after drinking, even though the risks of buzzed driving are just as dangerous.

Our auto accident lawyers encourage the use of the Designated Driver program and we applaud the Department of Transportation’s partnership with the Ad Council to create public service announcements that can effectively educate American car drivers of the dangers of DUIs/driving under the influence.  These programs may reduce the risk of car drivers becoming involved in auto accidents.  As car accident lawyers, we have seen lives ruined because of drunk drivers’ poor decisions to drive their car after drinking.  We hope that all car drivers make good, life-saving decisions to protect their lives and the lives of their passengers.

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