Companies use semi-trucks frequently to transport mass quantities of goods across a long distance.  Some people drive semi-trucks as a way to make money for themselves or their family.

In many of these trucks, computers are used to communicate with the driver as well as get directions and traffic updates.  Because of new legislation to prevent distracted drivers, use of these computers, which may cause a truck accident, has been scrutinized.

The trucking industry claims these devices can be used and present less of a distraction than iPhones, BlackBerrys or anything similar.  They believe their computers should be immune to legislation that would ban texting while driving.

Our semi truck accident attorneys don’t believe that.  We believe a driver distraction is a distraction no matter what an industry may think.  The statistics don’t lie.  The Virginia Tech Transportation Institute found truckers who used on-board computers had 23 times the amount of truck accidents than truckers not using one.

These risks can cause truck accidents or swerving from their lane into other lanes with other cars.  These truck accidents can lead to catastrophic injuries and wrongful death.

How exactly can using a device that utilizes a screen near the steering wheel and a keyboard in a driver’s lap be considered not a distraction?

A trucker based out of Oklahoma said the truckers are supposed to pull over, but hardly anyone ever does.

“When you get that load, you go and you go and you go until you get there,” he said.

The director of the Center for Truck and Bus Safety at the Virginia Institute believes there should still be legislation against these truckers just like anyone else.

Some makers of these computers, like Qualcomm for example, sell versions of systems that can’t be used when the vehicle is in motion.  In the last few years, wrongful deaths involving large trucks have fallen, but trucks were involved in just over 4,800 deaths (12 percent of all driving-related deaths).

If you drive on the road, you know how many trucks are out there, and you want to ensure that you are your family are properly covered by your car insurance coverage in the event of a semi truck accident.

No matter how beneficial these computers can be for truckers doing their job, our truck accident attorneys believe these computers could cause more problems than solutions.  What if you’re driving, and a driver who wasn’t paying attention because of his computer hits you?  Would you still think it would be fair if the trucker was excluded from legislation?

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