An investigation on a specific line of Biomet, Inc. devices is being conducted by the U.S. attorney’s offices in Massachusetts and West Virginia to see if the device has potential product liability as it to promote bone growth following spinal cord surgery.

Our firm’s personal injury attorneys in San Diego see products liability claims and lawsuits all the time.  We know that when companies do not disclose all of information concerning their products it can cause pain and suffering to injured persons already in lots of pain.

In this case, the bone growth device is not the actual problem.  Instead, it is the companies themselves, who are overcharging patients to use the device for surgery after spinal cord injuries.

These injured persons have complained of being improperly billed for the bone-growth stimulator, devices that must be purchased, rather than rented. The purchase price of the devices was roughly $3,500, compared with a typical rental charge of $1,050.

Ten patients in West Virginia allege that Biomet promoted its spinal cord surgery devices through “an elaborate and clandestine promotion of illegal and off-label uses.”

The federal Food and Drug Administration has approved the deployment of Biomet’s product in off-label use and while these uses are legal, drug and medical-device companies cannot promote them.

The San Diego personal injury lawyers at our firm advise anyone looking to use the device, such as for injuries due to a car accident, to thoroughly research the product before deciding to use it.  Specifically, we urge you to investigate whether the device looks beneficial to your set of circumstances and if it is worth the cost.

Nothing is worse than spending a large amount of money for a product to treat your personal injury and finding out it cannot assist you in recovering from your pain and suffering.

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