San Diegans are voicing their opinion about a new proposed trolley line to serve the University City section of San Diego and potentially lower traffic and prevent car accidents on the Interstate-5 and 805 freeways.

Our car accident lawyers believe that an efficient public transportation system is crucial for any city.  Public transportation gives commuters the option of saving gas money by not getting in their cars.  The other benefit to public transportation is that the amount of cars on the road are reduced which can, in turn, lower the amount of car accidents.

New University City trolley line enters the court of public opinion.

If you work or go to school in the University City area, you may be frustrated by all of the traffic on the freeways to get to your destination.  I-5 is always packed and I-805 is no better, with car accidents (especially rear-end car accidents) always lurking in the bumper-to-bumper traffic seen during rush hour on these freeways.

An 11-mile trolley extension would link up UCSD, several hospitals, University Town Center (UTC) and the University City neighborhood in general.  This new trolley extension would help an estimated 18,000 commuters get to where they need to go safely without getting into a car accident along the way.

The trolley extension, called the mid-coast corridor, would travel north on the I-5 corridor along railroad tracks to University City.  San Diegans got a good look at the new trolley line in at the first of 5 meetings organized by the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG).  Three alternatives are being considered including one that requiring a new tunnel cutting east to Genesee Avenue.

The new trolley line is not without a price tag, however, and the mid-coast corridor is expected to cost San Diego and the federal government an estimated $1.2 billion.  Half of that will be paid by local half-cent taxes approved by voters and the other half by federal funding.  Construction is expected to begin in 2013 with the first trolleys to be rolled out in 2016.

Our car accident lawyers in San Diego hope that this trolley extension doesn’t suffer any serous setbacks.  There are so many benefits to having an enhanced public transportation system in a city.  Ridership gives commuters an option other than just getting in their cars, and that can stop a number of potential car accidents from happening.

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