When car drivers get into a car accident and police are involved, the station will document the car crash into one of several categories.  These automobile accidents are usually categorized according to 2 factors: what was struck (e.g., a person or a car) and the type/direction of impact.  Our car accident lawyers believe it is important for you, the car drivers, to understand the different types of car accidents there are.

A rear impact, or a rear-end collision, involves an automobile hitting the car or truck in front of it.  The most common way a rear-end collision occurs is when the car in front makes a sudden stop, perhaps due to traffic, and the car behind is unable to stop in time.  In terms of car accident insurance policy, the car behind is usually considered to be the cause of the accident, because the car behind did not keep a “safe braking distance” or the automobile driver just did not pay attention.  To understand more of how much damage a rear impact car accident causes, imagine driving into a rigid wall at half the speed the car in back was driving.  For instance, if the car in the back rear-ended the other vehicle at 60 mph, that would be equivalent to slamming into a wall at 30 mph.

A side collision or broadside collision involves one or more vehicles’ sides being impacted.  The most common form of a side collision is the broadside collision, or a T-bone collision.  This type of car accident involves a vehicle’s front running into the side of another car.  The car that suffers the most damage is typically the car whose side was impacted, because the crumple protection is much stronger for the front of a car than for the side of a car.  Side collisions sometimes end up involving impacting more than just 2 cars, because both cars may spin after the impact.

A rollover is when a vehicle turns over on its side or roof.  This type of car accident is usually caused by a car trying to turn too fast while driving at high speeds or the roll-over vehicle has a problem with the center of gravity (such as the Ford Explorer rollover lawsuits in the past few years).  The likelihood that a vehicle would suffer this type of car accident depends on its center of gravity, or the point where the weight is balanced around.  As car accident attorneys, we believe it is important for you to understand the vehicles known to be most prone to rollovers:  Ford Bronco II, Suzuki Samurai, Jeep CJ, Ford E-Series, Mitsubishi Montero, and Isuzu Trooper.

One of the most destructive types of car accidents is the head-on collision.  Statistically, they have one of the highest rates of fatalities among the types of car accidents.  This is mainly due to the impacting speed being approximately doubled when the automobiles are coming head-on at each other.  As car accident lawyers, it is very important for car drivers to pay attention at all times and to think of what may happen if something goes wrong (e.g., preventing a head-on collision).  Traffic signs and road markings have been designed to guide drivers properly as to avoid head-on collisions, so the rest lies with the amount of attention drivers are putting on the road.

There are other types of car accidents, including collisions with animals, fixed-object crashes, and crashes with pedestrians and bicyclists.  Collisions with animals, pedestrians, and bicyclists may very likely end in death if the driver of the automobile is going at a high speed.

All these collisions are destructive and may end up with the loss of loved ones.  Our car accident attorneys have witnessed the grief that friends and relatives suffer after car accidents.  That grief is often incurable, and cannot be taken away with any amount of money.  So it is important for car drivers to pay full attention to the road at all times to avoid any type of car accident.

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