One day, a particular driver began hearing an incessant beeping.  This was an indication that if she did not make her car payment that day, the car would not start the next day.

The repo man has found a new hiding place inside your car because more and more used-car dealers are installing remote disabling devices that keep the cars from starting if the buyer gets too far behind on payments.

These so-called disablers are palm-sized devices that are placed under dashboards and wired into ignitions.

Our firm’s experienced car accident lawyers see a problem with this:  what if a person’s call stops working in a bad neighborhood?  What if the car disabling device malfunctions and causes an auto accident when your car just stops in the middle of the road or on a freeway?  What kind of personal injuries will be caused by this type of accident?  Will there be wrongful deaths on top of that?

Even as the recession has fueled the used-car market, it has made it harder for auto buyers to obtain credit.  Eager to book sales, dealers and finance companies are expanding their own financing operations, and the use of disablers helps them ensure customers make timely payments.  However, their actions could backfire on them because if an accident occurs, you will need help paying medical bills that pile up after an auto accident.

With the system reinstated, car buyers with not-so-decent credit history may also be able to purchase cars, because if the payments are not taken care of, the car does not turn on.  Our firm’s car accident attorneys realize this means the start of another problem.  The overall number of cars on the road may increase, and increased density of cars on the road, could lead to a rise in the number of car accidents.

Our firm’s car accident attorneys also believe that the benefit conferred on lenders is not worth it, that this method is just as bad as purposefully installing a design defects in an automobile.  Instead, there are other means that can be taken that would not present a direct danger to motorists on the road.

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