A 27-year-old mother with two children testified accounts of a truck accident that happened last year causing amputation of her legs and leaving her permanently scarred for life.

Phyiscal disfigurement in car accidents can sometimes occur due to the high rates of speed along with the amount of metal and glass being dispersed in a car accident.  

Our experienced auto accident attorneys in San Diego take these cases very seriously because it takes a lot of hard to work to get the proper settlement to help pay medical bills and the injuried parties are usually in high amounts of pain and suffering after a truck accident like this occurs.

The woman identified a 44-year-old man in a Las Vegas courtroom where he is facing vehicular manslaughter charges.  His red Dodge pickup truck mutilated the woman and caused the wrongful death of a 55-year-old woman at a Boulder Highway bus stop last July.

The man has pleaded not guilty to driving under the influence of prescription drugs which could be a likely cause of this horrific truck accident, but that will have to be proven in a court of law.  All that is known for sure is that while Murray might walk away from the this incident unscathed, she will never walk again.

Our San Diego auto accident attorneys know that the medical bills for an accident like this are astronomical because of the constant future care needs of a person that is permanently disabled after the accident.  If you are involved in an accident like this one, an experienced law firm of San Diego car accident attorneys can make all the difference.

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