You’re driving to work when your boss calls you up.  You answer the phone with your “hands-free” mobile device to find out you need to move the big order up by a week and while the head hancho is giving you specific directions over the phone, your hands are working a mobile e-mail device and you don’t even see the light turn red at the intersection you are approaching.

And this is how drivers distracted by their work behind the wheel cause car accidents.

Recently, transporation secretary, Ray LaHood, brought to Washington the issue of distracted, working drivers, calling the heightening trend a “deadly epidemic” in America.  More and more people are making it so their work is mobile, turning cars into offices, and putting others at risk of personal injury or wrongful death on the road.

Checking your e-mail, even for a second, puts you at risk of a car accident.

Our car accident lawyers know that when drivers do not have their full attention on the road that is when accidents are most likely to occur.  Even with devices such as Bluetooths, there are too many distractions from technological gadgets that detour drivers from focusing behind the wheel.  All it takes is one glance down at your Blackberry to check and e-mail; the next second, a fatal auto accident.

Workers argue that with this fast-paced world and an economy that rewards only those who get to the treasure first, it is a necessity for them to be able to work while driving a car.  However, there is a growing rate of families who have lost loved ones because of distracted drivers and these families have successfully sued the drivers who caused the car accidents because they were focused more on their work rather than safe driving.

You have a choice when you are driving and your work place decides to call you.  Either pick it up and put yourself, as well as others, at risk of a car accident.  Or, you can make the smart choice and wait until you are safely parked to get down to business.

The best policy is to put your phone away when you are at the wheel, however, it is also good to make sure that you are properly covered by your insurance company if and when an auto accident does occur.

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