Distracted driving, namely cell-phone usage while behind the wheel, has been the subject of much debate recent years.  Our auto accident lawyers in San Diego have seen many different sides of the issue, but we believe that the only thing you should be doing while at the wheel is driving.

Laws in several states, with California being one of them, have been passed to ban cell-phone use while driving, but a similar law in the state of Pennsylvania has been delayed again according to the Pottstown Mercury.  Pennsylvania’s cell phone ban has been delayed for almost a year, and the delays create greater possibilities for auto accidents.

Legal ban on distracted driving delayed again in Pennsylvania.

During the first week of May, 2010 the Pennsylvania State Senate was forced to delay a law banning the use of cell phones while driving.  The law, entitled House Bill 67 or HB 67, has been on the books for almost a year.  A new wrinkle proposed by Senator James Ferlo of Allegheny County caused the latest delay.

Ferlo’s amendment to the distracted driving law would have expanded to adult drivers as well as teenage drivers.  Teenage drivers were originally the only ones affected by the ban, but Ferlo’s change isn’t the only adjustment attached to the law.  Since moving to the Senate, the bill’s legal restrictions on teenage drivers have been watered down and the violations have been made secondary offenses.

Last Monday, May 10, 2010, a driving simulation was set up by Allstate Insurance Company that aimed to further drive the point home that cell phone use while driving is dangerous for people of all ages.  Allstate also used this event to show their support for the Pennsylvania ban to prevent distracted driving.

“We’re putting our stake in the ground saying that this bill is important to ensure that our teens make it home each and every time they take the responsibility behind the wheel of a vehicle,” said a spokesperson for Allstate.

Our auto accident lawyers in San Diego believe that laws to prevent distracted driving need to be passed in all 50 states.  Statistics have shown that more and more car accidents are caused by motorists who do a lot more than just driver in their cars.  Which is more important: your text message or your life?

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