According to a survey by Nationwide Insurance this year, 72 percent of the surveyed drivers involved in car accidents admitted that they were “driving while distracted.”  These distractions to the car drivers have taken the forms of eating, talking to passengers, or applying makeup (especially since applying makeup sometimes takes the driver’s eyes off the road).

Our car accident lawyers have handled several car accidents which were due to the drivers being distracted by various activities occurring around them.  The safety of the driver along with the passengers in the car is most important, not to mention other motor vehicles, so we believe it is best that drivers are aware of the possible distractions while driving, as well as methods not let these distractions increase their chances of getting into a car accident.

Some technological distractions, however, have been proven to actually be able to keep the car driver from getting into an automobile accident.  For instance, a GPS (Global Positioning System) car navigation device that limits set up only when the car is not moving can help the car driver not get lost and therefore have to stare at a map while driving.  Also, a video screen that plays DVDs can keep children from bothering the car driver, and therefore allow the driver to stay focused on the road.

In the end, it all depends on the driver’s own responsibility, and that lies within the driver’s ability to acknowledge that safety is more important than any of the other things they do.  Proper usage of technology can further assist the driver to remain focused on the road, as long as the driver avoids car accidents by not eating, not putting makeup on, not using the cell phone, etcetera.

Our auto accident attorneys believe that drivers should take responsibility for the safety of everyone in the car, not only themselves, and should focus on driving.  And to just make sure that you are extra safe, cover yourself and your family with the best car insurance policy available.

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