If you should run a red light while you are driving, you might get lucky and have nothing happen to you.  You might get unlucky and find yourself in the middle of a car crash.  Or you might end up somewhere in the middle, not getting hurt, except in your wallet.

A recent study by the Los Angeles Times shows that LA County’s red-light traffic fines have increased significantly in less than eight years since the implemenation of traffic cameras at several intersections around town.  Going at three times the rate of inflation, the fines have increased 65%, going from $271 to $446 and put the total cost of running a red light at $500, once traffic school fees are applied.

Do red light traffic cameras really prevent drivers from running red lights? (Source: BatonRougeToday.com)

The car accident lawyers at our San Diego law firm know that our city has similiar problems to Los Angeles in regards to traffic.  Every day, we hear about drivers that run red lights or ignore stop signs and it leads to serious San Diego car accidents.  But while LA has found a nifty way to increase its revenue, will it really help to prevent wrongful deaths from occuring when someone tries to make the light as it goes red?

Just in the way that drunk-driving accidents are preventable, so too are automobiles accidents that are caused by driving through a red light.  Similiarly, just because we know the ways to stop these accidents, it does not mean that they will go away for good — they are always bound to happen.  Therefore, why not install the same method of prevention that is used for convicted DUI drivers in cars and have the technology that runs the car also make it stop when it is at a red light?

Serious Accidents reported last month of a new type of Smart Car that knows when it is approaching a red light and stops itself even if the driver never touches the brake.  That way, running red lights are not just discouraged, in LA County or anywhere, but they are not made physically possible.

Traffic fines can only go so far.  Our San Diego car accident lawyers want to go further and make sure that safety is improved on our roads by having cars stop before they can run a red light.  Perhaps Smart Car technology like the one reported on in this blog will be more prevelant in future automobiles and running red lights can be history.

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Your Take

Do red light traffic cameras really help to prevent red light running by reckless drivers?  What would be a better solution to this problem?