With the current recession on the minds of many Americans, individuals have taken it upon themselves to tackle tasks that may have before been left to trained professionals.  This new trend of do-it-yourselfers who try to “penny pinch” in this economy has thus caused many personal injuries and accidents.

Our firm’s personal injury attorneys in San Diego believe that these cost cutting measures might lead to high medical bills when faulty at home auto repairs cause car accidents.  These auto accidents can lead to personal injuries (spinal cord injuries, paralysis — quadriplegia, paraplegia — burn injuries, brain injuries and even wrongful deaths).

“We’ve been seeing a lot of musculoskeletal problems from people lifting heavy things, maybe moving or doing things they’re not accustomed to,” said one doctor who operates four urgent care centers around Palm Beach County, Fla.  “A lot of back injuries, shoulder injuries and lacerations (happen) all the time.”

Suppose you were short for cash and your car needed a new battery.  By taking on the do-it-yourself method you would in the short run save money but not having to pay for a specialist to replace the faulty battery; however, in the long run serious personal injury may occur such as car accident injuries and even wrongful death if the battery was not installed properly.

“We are seeing an increase in minor injuries, sprains and contusions,”  the doctor said.

Being personal injury attorneys in San Diego, we understand that these personal injuries in addition to causing pain and suffering and emotional trauma you will need help paying your medical bills.

Is saving money in the short run worth the long term medical bills that come from car accidents and personal injuries?

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