First quarter reports for 2009 indicate that Ford Motor Company, despite the economy hitting the auto industry hard, is still sitting on $21 billion in savings, but could this amount of money cause more car accidents?

Our car accident lawyers don’t believe this means Ford have their interests first, but it doesn’t exactly breed confidence that Ford has the consumer’s best interest at heart, either.  When auto makers are concerned about making money do not factor in the human beings who drive their cars, usually the safety in automobiles is lacking and that can lead to more car accidents that result in severe personal injury or even wrongful death because of faulty production or design defects.

But with a car company holding on to that much cash, they have the ability to make a safer car that lowers the number of car accidents on the road.  But will they?  That is the question.

As all of the big American automobile manufactures look for ways to draw consumers back to their dealerships, Ford is in a prime position to develop a car that is not only safe in the event of an auto accident, but costs significantly less than competitor brands.

Such competitors include G.M. and Chrysler, both of whom are financially running on empty, but staying out of bankruptcy with the help of $19.4 billion in government loans, including an additional $2 billion that G.M. acquired on April 24, 2009, so it is easy to see why they would want to avoid personal injury responsibility to the very people, the taxpayers, who gave them billions of dollars in bailouts.

It is highly unlikely that Ford will lower car accident statistics for their drivers before it finds itself in the same place as their rival auto makers.

If G.M. or Chrysler files for bankruptcy, the damage could cause a chain reaction back to their suppliers, many of whom also provide parts for Ford automobiles. In an effort to pay off their own debts, the auto makers might try to move cars off the lot in a fire sale which would sink prices for the rest of the industry.   How would this affect an injured person’s right in a legitimate personal injury case involving a defectively designed car or defectively manufactured car?

Should the suppliers go under, Ford might be reliant on parts that do not make their cars as safe and could lead to the need for personal injury attorneys as a check on compensating those injured or who suffered due to a fatal car accident or wrongful death car accident.  And with the amount of money the company has stored up, they should be able to provide consumers with high quality parts for their automobiles.  But again, the question is asked, will they?

Our car accident lawyers know that these types of cars can cause automobile accidents which result in whiplash, spinal cord injuries, physical disabilities, brain injuries and wrongful death.  What would happen if auto makers, in the desire to save money, skimp on the parts of automobiles that make them safer, then the number of fatal car accidents would likely increase instead of decline.

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