Have you ever lost your focus for a second and drifted into the lane next to you or onto the shoulder? Perhaps hitting the rumble strips on the side of the road brought you back to focus, but just those few seconds can be scary.

It might seem harmless to drift from one lane to another or crossover the center line every so often, but drifting can be catastrophic in terms of creating a car accident. This is because even though you may drift over a couple of inches and then re-correct, a driver who feels that you are not paying attention may swerve and overcorrect, causing a serious accident.

You cannot predict the actions of another driver and this is one reason why drifting can be just so dangerous. Drifting often happens when people are not paying attention behind the wheel or when they are tired. Drifting can also occur for those drivers under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Avoiding drifting behavior is strongly recommended because not only could it lead to you smashing into an object on the side of the road, it could also cause you to hit a car in the lane next to you. This is especially problematic if you drift over the center line and strike someone coming from the opposite direction.

This can quickly lead to a serious multiple vehicle pileup immediately and you need to consult with an attorney if that accident has been caused by someone else. If you have already been hurt due to a drifting incident, you may have grounds to file a personal injury claim to recover compensation for the injuries you have sustained. A drifting accident may seem innocuous. It may seem like something that can be corrected immediately. However, just those couple of seconds is long enough for a major accident to occur.