Technological devices have been known to distract drivers in various ways.  GPS (Global Positioning System) car navigation devices require human input.  Cell phone use has been recognized as a cause of several automobile accidents.

People who try to DJ their own car music sometimes end up taking their eyes off the road, creating a potential road hazard.  However, today, our car accident attorneys are pleased to state that technology exists that keeps drivers focused on the road.

As strange as it may sound, we believe that a DVD player placed in the proper position in a car could help automobile drivers remain focused.  Children in cars often become restless and may start to bother the drivers.  In order to calm the children down or talk to the children, the automobile driver’s attention could be diverted from the road.  In the case of a running DVD player and an in-car screen, the children could remain silent, paying attention only to the cartoon or movie that is playing.  This, in turn, provides the car driver with a quiet environment to focus on driving.

In California, the use of handheld cell phones has recently been outlawed, but many drivers still use their cell phones when no police cars are in sight.  A new prototype service called “DriveAssist” could help prevent this type of activity.  DriveAssist will be able to detect if a cell phone in use is traveling at a possible car speed, and suppress all calling and text messaging.  Now, you may ask, “what happens to the passengers in a car, on a bus, or in subways?”  DriveAssist will potentially release a method of allowing people who meet these conditions to override the system.  They have not revealed to the public how that method works yet.

There is also future technology in the making, much to the delight of car accident attorneys.   Next year, in 2009, Ford plans to release a radar-based system that beeps and flashes red lights when the movement of the car is judged to be slightly erratic and that the car driver is not paying attention.  This system is used to prevent imminent auto accident that might require years of medical treatment to undo the damage that was done.  The beeps and red lights will warn the driver to keep their eyes glued to the road.

For these technologies to be made realistic, however, they must first be made affordable.  Although there are people who are willing to pay a couple hundred dollars a year for these car accident prevention technologies, some consumers may still go for the regular cheaper car with potential design defects.  Our firm’s car accident attorneys believe that these safety features are worth it, and advise that car drivers incorporate them into their cars if and when possible.

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