The plane crash of a commuter plane near Buffalo, New York operated by Colgan Air earlier this year caused the wrongful death of 50 people.  Federal officials have realized new rules should be passed regarding how long pilots fly before they rest.

Pilots who do not sleep enough can cause the same event a driver can without sleep: a plane crash or car accident that leads to personal injury or wrongful death.

The pilot of a plane flying to Buffalo may have been fatigued causing wrongful deaths in a plane crash.

Our car accident attorneys know fatigue can lead to car accidents that can cause personal injury or wrongful death.  Drowsy driving leads to hundreds of car accidents every year.

The trucking industry can be responsible for some of these types of auto accidents.  Truckers can sometimes work long shifts (sometimes overnight), and these truckers are vulnerable to driving without enough rest or falling asleep at the wheel.

Car accidents or semi-truck crashes can lead to personal injury like whiplash or traumatic brain injuries like concussions.  Wrongful death can occur in severe auto accidents.

Federal investigators have a reason to believe fatigue played a role in the Buffalo crash.  The first officer flew all night from her home in Seattle to Newark where the Buffalo flight started.  The pilot flew in from Florida and showed signs of fatigue on the cockpit recorder.

The airline industry has been hesitant to change the rules that govern flight and hours, but because of the recent Buffalo crash, the Federal Aviation Administration may be more willing to change their regulations.

Doing this would make pilots more rested while they are in the air transporting hundreds of commuters every day.  These men and women are responsible for many lives, and they should take every step necessary to ensure their safety … including getting the recommended 8-10 hours of sleep every day.

Our car accident lawyers believe responsibility of drivers to not get behind the wheel of a car is just as important as pilots getting behind the controls of an airplane.  Both methods of travel are used by millions of Americans every year, so everyone must do their part to ensure safe travel without personal injury or wrongful death.

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