Many gizmos can be put into cars nowadays.  The first cars had an engine and four wheels, but cars now come with GPS, internet access and other items that can distract drivers and lead to car accidents.

Americans are not into as many of the extra futuristic features based on results from a survey conducted by market-research firm J.D. Power & Associates.

As car accident lawyers, we know car accidents can be caused by drivers even without the new toys that can come standard in many of today’s cars.  Car accidents can happen even more frequently with the addition of pieces that can distract a driver causing car crashes.

No matter how they are caused, car accidents can lead to personal injury like whiplash, spinal cord injury causing paralysis (i.e. paraplegia & quadriplegia) and traumatic brain injury like concussions or bleeding of the brain (subdural hematoma).

Some car buyers do not need the extra gadgets because of the extra cost involved.  In the survey, GPS navigation systems were considered popular by consumers, but when the price of the GPS system was revealed ($1,600), interest reduced and GPS ranked 14 out of 19 features on the list.

Two-thirds of the consumers wanted the same thing in their cars: the ability to listen to their own portable digital music player (i.e. iPod) through their car’s sound system.

No matter what you have inside of your car, being aware of your surroundings outside of your car is more important.  Drivers should pay attention to the roads at all as this may prevent car accidents that result in personal injury or wrongful death.

As car accident lawyers, we urge drivers to be cautious about the features they choose to put into their cars.  No matter how fancy your car can be on the inside, car accidents can cause the same personal injury or wrongful death on the outside.

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