Drug makers have offered to spend $80 billion over 10 years to help older Americans afford medicines.  The new health care prescription plan is aimed at helping millions pay prescription drug costs from personal injury.

Our firm’s San Diego personal injury attorneys believe that too many Americans are being overcharged for prescription drugs and as a result are prone to suffer more pain and suffering if they can not afford the prescription costs.  A new comprehensive Medicare prescription-drug program would benefit those who need medications on a daily basis to cure personal injuries.

The current Medicare prescription-drug program raises costs for many seniors who need to take the medications for personal injuries.  If they can’t afford the prescriptions they will not treat their ailment and this will lead to more severe personal injuries or even wrongful death.

The new agreement would commit companies to cover as much as 50 percent of the cost of brand-name medicines in Medicare’s Part D prescription drug program.

“As part of the health reform legislation that I expect Congress to enact this year,” the President said, “pharmaceutical companies will extend discounts on prescription drugs to millions of seniors who currently are subjected to crushing out-of-pocket expenses.”

Under Medicare’s prescription drug benefit program, patients buy medicines at pharmacies or mail-order pharmacies.  They pay the first $295 of costs, then the Medicare plan covers 75 percent of the purchases until the total reaches $2,700.  Patients must then pay all costs until spending $4,350 out of pocket.  Thereafter, patients pay a small co-payment for each drug until the end of the year.

Health care prescription programs are a growing problem in the United States.  Too many Americans do not have health insurance, and this plan is a step in making sure that all people have a way to pay medical bills and prescription drug costs in personal injury cases.

Our personal injury lawyers in San Diego agree the prescription drug system needs to be updated to fit the needs of Americans in this new age.  Hopefully a new system can be approved to ensure proper health care for present patients and future patients in personal injury cases.

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