The struggling economy has made it difficult for people who suffer injury to get the proper and adequate care they need to get healthy as well as get their medical bills paid.

Drug makers and hospitals have been raising prices for care even though the state of the economy continues to decline.  People who suffer from the effects of a car crash simply do not have the means to pay for proper medical care as it increases.

Our firm San Diego personal injury attorneys know these reports do not make the responsibility to our clients any more different.  Our clients who are injured as a result of a car accident or personal injury often can have injuries with lingering effects that demand continuing care after the initial visit.

When prices continue to rise, but the economy stays level or begins to decrease, how can these drug makers and hospitals actually justify increasing medical bills for people let alone people needing urgent care or continuous care after an experience like a car accident?

Getting your medical bills paid if you are in a car accident can be extremely confusing to you if you don’t know how to handle the situation.  To help you with some of your questions, our car accident lawyers have a handy resource page to help you understand the scenario of paying your medical bills after an accident.

Johnson & Johnson was the first big drug company to report profit in the first three months, but its pharmaceutical sales fell about 10 percent from last year.  This led to the company raising its drug prices by an average of about 10 percent from the last year.

Other companies like Lilly, who raised their drug prices by an average of 10 percent, and Pfizer, who raised their prices by about 8 percent, have followed Johnson & Johnson.

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