With some cases, it is hard to know where to start in listing the the mistakes made by a driver.  When driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol is involved, it usually ends with legal repercussions or the loss of life out on the road.

According to San Diego Fox 5, a convicted drunk-driver, 24, was sentenced to 17 years in a state prison for a fatal accident that occurred after he fled from police.  Officers had pulled him over for speeding, but the man fled shortly after the traffic stop began, and his actions from that point lead to the wrongful death of one man.

The Fallbrook accident attorneys who work at our firm look at a case such as this one and shake their heads that better prevention methods against drunk driving are not implemented by the law.  Back in January, the man in question pled guilty to gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated and evading officers with reckless driving.  So this wasn’t his first time committing DUI.

On April 19th, 2009 Romero’s 2001 Ford Explorer was pulled over by San Diego police officers for speeding southbound on Interstate-15.  Romero began to comply with the officers, but then rapidly fled the scene at 100 mph, weaving in-and-out of traffic as he lead law enforcement on a police car chase.

After seven miles, the driver in question was headed westbound on Route 76 around Pala Mesa Village when he crossed the double yellow lines onto the eastbound lane of traffic and crashed head-on with the victim’s 1999 Toyota Tacoma.  The driver  kept going the wrong-way for a little while more before being hit by an oncoming 2004 Ford F-350, turning over, and sliding into an embankment.

Once the vehicle came to a stop and the accident was over, authorities discovered the driver in question had severed left leg in the field off of Route 76, but still tested his blood alcohol level and recorded it at .18 percent.  The other driver who he had hit first, who was 27-years-old at the time of the accident, was reported dead at the scene, another life lost instead of a DUI accident being prevented.

Our San Diego firm’s auto accident attorneys often ask why these fatal drunk-driving accidents aren’t prevented?  Why haven’t we installed technology that makes sure motorists are not under the influence of drugs or alcohol while operating a vehicle?  Why do we continue to ask these questions in the wake of serious San Diego car accidents when we know the answers are out there?

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Your Take

If you were in a drunk-driving accident where the other person was at a fault, would you take any measures to ensure that they never get behind the wheel intoxicated ever again?