If you ever find your car stuck on the train tracks, it would be prudent to get yourself off them — with or without your car — before it is too late.  This may seem like common sense, but not all drivers have avoided preventable train and car accidents.

That was exactly what happened when a 68-year-old driver was in a train car accident on tracks in Anaheim in December, 2008.  As panic set in at the sight of an oncoming train, she unfortunately decided to call 911 on her cell phone, rather than exit the car.  The result was an easily avoidable accident.

Our firm’s experienced San Diego car accident lawyers know that oncoming trains can appear to be further than they actually are.  So while you may not think you will be struck by one, because it has not yet reached you, this a mistake — made by many people — that ends with a wrongful death.

One man, 40, of Ashland, Massachusetts, drove drunk onto the rails actually drove toward a train in October, 2008.  The train drivers luckily slowed down before the car train accident, which knocked the car onto a side road.

That man actually was still able to drive his car home but was later charged with leaving the scene of an auto accident, trespassing on railroad tracks, and driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI).

The San Diego car accident lawyers who work at our firm hope that if you find yourself on the railroad tracks when the train is coming through that you will have the good sense to get out of the way — way out of the way!  And as always, never drink and drive.  DUI accidents are preventable if you just use good common sense.

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