According to California statistics provided by the Ventura County Star, more than 180,000 convicted drunk drivers have had their driver’s license suspended or taken away.  Many of them keep driving with suspended licenses and sometimes get in more auto accidents.

Drunk driving has been a leading cause of auto accidents for decades.  It’s a growing problem state lawmakers and police have battling with new technologies and stiffer penalties.  If you’re a convicted drunk driver, obey the law and pay your penalty for making a bad mistake.  Don’t make another one by continuing to drive putting others in danger.

Drunk drivers with suspended licenses may cause other auto accidents.

State officials estimate more than 180,000 Californians have suspended licenses or have their privileges taken away because of drunk driving.  Of that number, 70,000 continue to drive.  It’s a statistic lawmakers want to change only they have difficulty doing so.

“A lot of DUI drivers do slip through the cracks, and the reason for that is quite simple — it’s a resource issue,” said director of the state Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutor program.  “It’s a common issue throughout the state.”

About 5,000 warrants are on file for people facing drunk driving charges in Ventura County as of late 2009, and 16 to 18 percent of people in the county’s alcohol education program are repeat offenders.  Not only that, but 48 of the 205 cars impounded by officers in the California Highway Patrol’s Moorpark district were from suspended licenses of drunk drivers.

Obviously, something must be done because some repeat offenders aren’t getting the message.

Some experts believe that a pilot program that expands the use of ignition interlock systems will correct the problem of repeat drunk driving offenders.  Interlock devices work by a driver blowing into the system prior to turning the key.  If the driver has had one too many, the ignition becomes locked preventing a start.

California judges can order repeat drunk driving offenders to get the ignition system, but it’s up to the judge.  About 20 percent of people who have been convicted in Ventura County are ordered to get the device.  Pilot programs will begin in four other counties including Los Angeles to make ignition devices mandatory for first-time DUI offenders.

Repeat drunk drivers cause our auto accident attorneys in San Diego to become upset.  These accidents are completely preventable by either calling a taxi or calling a friend.  There’s no reason for you or anyone else to drink and drive as there are plenty of safer alternatives.

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