Over 1,000 people were left without power on Sunday after a suspected drunk driver caused a car accident and an ensuing power outage in Encinitas, this according to 10 News.  The driver and passenger of the car didn’t suffer any serious personal injuries, though as a result.

Our auto accident attorneys know that drunk driving causes thousands of personal injuries and wrongful deaths every year.  One other off-shoot result of a drunk driving car accident is potential property damage to other cars or — in this case — utility poles, thus inconveniencing to thousands.

Alleged drunk driver hits parked car & utility pole causing power outage

This Encinitas auto accident, caused by an alleged drunk driver, led to a power outage for thousands. (SOURCE: 10 News)

Early Sunday morning, a suspected drunk driver and his passenger got into a car accident while on their way back to Los Angeles.  During the accident, the driver’s car slammed into a utility pole and led to a power outage.  According to details, the driver crashed into a parked car which then hit the pole.  The power pole then came down tot he ground and started a small fire.

One man, the passenger of the car, told 10 News he didn’t remember much about the crash, but has his suspicions about the driver.

“I remember a bright white light and waking up to the small of smoke,”  he said.  “I think that [the driver] was drunk.  It looks like we were going pretty fast because we severed the whole, all the wires were down and we took out all the power for three blocks.”

So, not only was drunk driving a potential cause of the car accident, but speeding could have played a factor as well.

When the pole fell, 1,100 customers near El Portal and North Coast Highway 101 lost electricity due to the power outage.  Guests at the nearby Econo Lodge were without power.  San Diego Gas & Electric officials said that more than 200 customers were still without power later that night, but full restoration took place at around 7 p.m.

Our auto accident attorneys in Encinitas hope that suspected drunk drivers make smarter decisions before they get in to automobiles causing inconvenient property damages as well as physical damages like a range of personal injuries or wrongful death.

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