A Fontana man with a history of drunk-driving DUI charges was convicted of second degree murder for his latest drunk-driving DUI car accident.

Drunk-driving (DUI) car accidents can be prevented just by being smart.  Our firm’s San Diego car accident attorneys stress all drivers to not even think about drunk driving because it is sure to cause a car accident.  That horrible lack of judgment causes more drunk-driving DUI car crashes every year that result in the personal injury or wrongful death of someone not necessarily in your automobile.

The Orange County jury agreed to charge the driver with second degree murder for the drunk-driving DUI car crash that caused the wrongful death of another driver.

The offending driver was on the road drunk driving again after being convicted twice before (2004 and 2005).  That fact enrages us as DUI accident attorneys.  How was this man permitted to drive after two prior drunk-driving DUI charges?  How many more people have to die because of a drunk driver before stiffer penalties are handed out to people who are stupid enough to get behind the wheel of an automobile after they have been drinking?

The drunk-driving (DUI) car accident happened in 2007.  The two drivers were on the freeway when this driver crashed his pickup truck into a sport-utility vehicle.  The other driver’s car spun out of control, and the end result of the car crash was her wrongful death and the personal injury of her husband.

The man testified in court that he drank eight beers at a party before the fatal car accident and did not think he was endangering others when he decided to get behind the wheel.  His ignorance caused the DUI accident that led to wrongful death of another driver on the road.

Our firm’s car accident attorneys in San Diego urge you to think about one of the many alternatives to drunk driving.  Call a friend.  Call a taxi.  One thing you should never do is turn the key.  Preventing car accidents from drunk driving is a responsibility you should accept at all times.  Our DUI prevention resource page has many different links to websites and answers to your questions about drunk driving.

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