In the early morning of March 26, 2009, a drunk driver got involved in three head-on sideswiping DUI car accidents near the town of Capay.

A 23 year old driver was allegedly driving drunk (DUI) westbound on State Route 16 when she crossed over into the eastbound lane, thus grazing three opposing direction cars.  Because he was wearing his seat belt, the injuries he suffered are not too serious.  Had his seat belt not been fastened, however, the story may have been drastically different.

Our firm’s San Diego car accident lawyers know dangerous drunk driving can be.  Too often, drivers make that mistake, and it can cost you your perfect health or your life if you get into a car accident.

While the other three cars had unharmed drivers and passengers, we, as car accident attorneys, could not help but wonder what could have happened.  Wrong-way driving usually leads to wrongful death car accidents, without taking into consideration that this was also a drunk-driving (DUI) auto accident.

Drunk-driving (DUI) is against California law, and could be cause for arrest, as was in this case.  When police arrived at the auto accident scene, the driver showed signs of intoxication and was arrested for driving under the influence.

Our San Diego car accident law firm finds it unbelievable how people can be so irresponsible as to drive drunk (DUI) and put his own life as well as other people’s lives in danger.  We want to prevent as many drunk driving car accidents as possible.  They change lives for the worse, and our DUI prevention resource page has information about preventing drunk driving as well as links to organizations if you or someone you know may have a drinking problem.

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