The parents of a graduate student whose daughter was killed by a drunk driver plans to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the New York cafe where the driver was served too much alcohol.

In 2008, one woman, 30, was a graduate student at Pace University and was in a cab going to her home when she was hit by a car driven by a man who had been at the Cavo Cafe Lounge on 31st Ave. in New York, New York.  Lawyers for her family allege the cafe served Omar alcohol “up to and past the point of intoxication.”

Our car accident lawyers believe there is plenty of blame to throw around related to this DUI accident.  First of all, any place that serves alcoholic beverages needs to be responsible for making sure patrons do not go above and beyond their capacity for drinking.  Bartenders need to pay close attention to who they serve alcohol to.  Stumbling, slurring of speech, glassy eyes … they are all clear signs that a person has had too much.

If any patrons leave and kill someone in a drunk-driving accident, then a restaurant could find itself in a wrongful death lawsuit.

But let’s not ignore the driver’s the irresponsibility.

At his sentencing, the man said that he was served drinks after he was already intoxicated.  Even though the bar was irresponsible in serving more alcohol, he is as much to blame because he got behind the wheel of a car after drinking.

Thousands of people in the United States are injured with whiplash or traumatic brain injures every year because of people who drive drunk — not to mention the countless fatal car accidents where drunk-drivers caused wrongful death.  The only way we can stop these needless accidents is to prevent people from driving drunk, especially if they can’t do it for themselves (if they’re alcoholics).

Our car accident lawyers want to make sure this message gets out to as many people as possible: DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE.  It is not a good idea.  It was never a good idea.  And it will never be a good idea.

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