DUI car accidents are 100 percent preventable. But unfortunately, there are many San Diegans who risk their safety and the safety of others – including overall health and well-being – when they choose to get behind the wheel under the influence. The case of a DUI car accident in Rancho Bernardo has made unfortunate headlines as an allegedly drunk motorist rear-ended a young woman, leaving her with a serious brain injury as San Diego 10 News reported Thursday.

Now, the driver – a 39 year-old man — must face a judge and jury as he stands trial “on charges of DUI causing injury and driving with a blood-alcohol level of .08 percent or higher.”  Police officials say the man’s was arrested at the time of the accident after he smelled of alcohol, admitted to drinking, and stating to officers that “someone crashed in front of him.” HIs blood alcohol level was reportedly clocked at 0.36 – more than four times the legal limit in California.

Fortunately, the injured woman, 19, survived the accident and is recovering, although her memory is still damaged.

After the accident, she explained: “I don’t know what I remember next… It’s all a blur. I don’t have any memory of driving down Bernardo Center Drive.”

In court, the woman testified that she has “on and off” memory relapses due to the severe head trauma she sustained in the crash. “My whole body just goes weak,” she explained in court. In addition to head trauma, the young woman also sustained injuries to her neck, back, arm and shoulder in addition to suffering from migraines, or as she explains it, “extreme headaches.”

Driving under the influence affects so many people besides the offending driver. It’s never been more important to stop drunk driving in its tracks – and it starts with you. Even a well-intentioned driver can fall short if a backup plan is not in place. Consider implementing the following tips today to help stop another needless accident tomorrow.

Stop DUI car accidents in San Diego

You can take the first step to help reduce drunk driving accidents in San Diego. Share these tips with your friends and spread the word: San Diego won’t tolerate another DUI accident!

Be a designated driver (DD)

In a study at the Associated Press, designated drivers are responsible for saving nearly 50,000 lives and countless many more saved injuries just by choosing to do the right thing. Plan ahead and nominate your group’s DD well ahead of time to avoid confusion later. For larger groups over five, always designate a second DD since most vehicles can only transport up to five people including the driver.

Have a backup plan

Unfortunately, plans can go sour even if others in the group have preplanned for a DD. Have a backup plan in place. Consider a prepaid taxi ride car, which is purchasable through most taxi services. If you run out of cash, or simply for the sake of convenience, a prepaid taxi makes it easy to have a DD if yours doesn’t come through.

Report drunk drivers

If you’re the DD and spot a suspected DUI driver, pull over and call 9-11 immediately. Signs to look for include swerving, too slow or too fast driving, headlights off, blinkers left mistakenly on, or other unusual driving habits that deviates from the norm.

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