A new study by the Automobile Club of Southern California has disturbing news.

A report in North County Times carries details of the survey which shows that statistics for drunk female drivers aged between 21 and 24 has increased dramatically in the past 10 years.  In 1998, San Diego County saw a total of 49 accidents, resulting in serious injuries and fatalities, and caused by intoxicated female drivers. In 2007, the number of DUI accidents for females drivers increased to 110 crashes.

Our firm’s San Diego car accident lawyers were appalled at the increase in magnitude of drunk-driving (DUI) car accidents in the female population.  The number of women who seem to be involved in accidents that result in serious injuries and deaths are increasing much faster than the rate of men involved in alcohol-related car accidents.

According to researchers, the alcohol industry is also partly to blame.  According to San Diego County’s Alcohol and Drug Services, the number of women taking alcohol education programs as part of their sentencing has increased in the last three years with the 18-29 age group accounting for half.

Men continue to account for an overwhelming majority of alcohol-related drunk-driving (DUI) car accidents and are twice as likely as women to be involved in wrongful death car accidents.  The increasing numbers of women being involved in alcohol-related car accidents, however, fail to cause surprise anymore, and this should be cause for concern.  As San Diego car accident lawyers, we strongly believe that action should be taken to counteract what has been shown in these statistics: dramatic increases in drunk-driving (DUI) car accidents.

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