A Saturday night DUI checkpoint in the Pacific Beach section of San Diego led to the arrests of 13 people for suspicion of drunk driving.  Checkpoints like these are used by local law enforcement all over the United States to prevent car accidents caused by drunk driving.

Our car accident attorneys love to see active participation by law enforcement agencies like the San Diego Police Department and the California Highway Patrol when it comes to preventing something that causes thousands of car accidents every year.  Drunk driving is one of the worst examples of bad judgment and irresponsibility because of the wrongful deaths or injuries that occur as a result of a horrible decision.

DUI Checkpoint in Pacific Beach led to 13 arrests on May 1, 2010.

San Diego Police officers set up a DUI checkpoint in Pacific Beach at Mission Bay High School that resulted in 13 drunk driving arrests. (SOURCE: San Diego Unified School District)

The checkpoint to aid in preventing drunk driving was set up in front of Mission Bay High School on Grand Avenue near Noyes street.  Officers managed the checkpoint from about 9 p.m. until about 2:30 a.m. late Saturday/early Sunday according to a statement given to the San Diego Union Tribune by Officer Mark McCullough.

Over 1,100 drivers passed through the checkpoint, and officers detained 40 drivers who were later field tested for drunk driving.  Officers also cited two drivers for marijuana possession and another two for driving with a suspended license.

Members of the Public Utilities Commission were also on hand to check out drunk driving or underage drinking in “party buses” and limousines.  Those people inspected 12 vehicles, wrote seven violations and impounded one bus because the driver didn’t have the proper license.

McCullough stated that his officers are trying to spread the word about the dangers of drunk drivers since the busy high school prom season is coming close.  Teenagers need to be aware that underage drinking as well as drunk driving can lead to car accidents that can lead to the personal injuries or wrongful deaths of their peers.

Our car accident attorneys in San Diego are pleased that this DUI checkpoint was a success.  Checkpoints like these are a way for police to reduce the amount of tragic car accidents that happen every year as a result of the irresponsible choice of drinking and driving.

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