A grandmother and her toddler granddaughter were recently killed in a hit and run traffic collision in which driving under the influence is a suspected cause. The two individuals died after their vehicle was struck by a drunk driver who fled the scene of the accident. Stories involving a DUI crash in San Diego are far more common than they should be.


The two victims were also struck again by a pickup truck. The pickup truck that struck the women did not see the disabled vehicle and was travelling at full speed when the collision occurred. The emergency crews who arrived at the scene attempted to extricate the family from the wreckage but both victims were pronounced dead at the scene. Several lanes on the southbound side of the freeway on I-15 were shut down in order to address the situation.


A tow truck driver later helped identify the responsible party because it is believed that the individual called a towing company from a gas station near where the accident occurred. Hit and run accidents, and in particular those that involve drunk driving, can leave a devastating wake behind for accident victims. Those individuals who are lucky enough to survive such an accident may have severe injuries that make it challenging for them to go through day to day life.


Many adults who are injured in a hit and run DUI crash in San Diego or elsewhere are never able to return to work and may never fully recover from the extent of their injuries. Other families end up coping with the challenges of a wrongful death claim because of a negligent driver. If you are involved in an accident, you should never leave the scene of the crime.