Have you had a chance to visit the Hollywood Casino property near San Diego? If so, you might have seen an accident on your way there. New reports show that this stretch of road is home to more than its fair share of vehicle accidents, many leading to serious injuries or even fatalities. While any car accident has high stakes in terms of injuries, DUI-related incidents in Jamul are up near the casino and some advocates and residents want to know what the property intends to do about it.

Whenever a new attraction finds a home somewhere, a rise in traffic in that area is not a surprise. However, when traffic accidents spike in a new location, advocates and legislators pay attention. That’s the case with the new Hollywood Casino near San Diego.

Data from the California Highway Patrol indicates that since 2000, the average number of DUI related collisions is 8 every single year. However, during the Hollywood Casino’s first 7 months in operation, there have been 13 DUI related accidents. The Casino opened in October 2016 and the number of incidents involving DUIs have been much higher than there has been every single year on average in the years past. San Diego county supervisors and other officials have been outspoken critics of the Casino, arguing about the impact on road safety issues and issuing a permit to serve alcohol.

An 11-mile stretch located on highway 94 that incorporates this casino has been home to 99 traffic collisions during the first 7 months of the Casino’s operational status. An average of 92 collisions a year previously happened on that two-lane highway. If you or someone you know has already been involved in an accident anywhere in San Diego because someone else was drinking and driving, you may be eligible to pursue a personal injury claim to recover compensation.

No one should have to find themselves in the position of trying to put their life back together after a serious accident, but unfortunately this is often a reality for crash victims in San Diego and elsewhere around California. Equipping yourself with the appropriate knowledge and getting medical tests completed as soon as possible is the best way to protect your rights.