It was supposed to be a day of celebration with parade in honor of the birthday of Dutch Queen Beatrix.  But when a car driver intentionally drove into a crowd of people — causing several wrongful deaths in pedestrian accidents — Thursday, April 30, 2009 will always be remembered for tragedy in the Netherlands.

“The driver is suspected of trying to attack the royal family,” said a Dutch police spokesperson.  While the royal family was unharmed, they each watched in horror as their citizens were essentially murdered in front of their eyes.

Our pedestrian accident attorneys know that pedestrian accidents often result serious injuries or wrongful death.  A car going up against a human is an unfair advantage for the car because of the size compared to humans.  If you’re walking down the street, be mindful of all the traffic around you.  You never know what could happen.

The 38-year-old car driver, whose name was not released by officials, was immediately arrested after the pedestrian accident concluded with a single-car accident into a monument.  The suicidal driver was not linked to any terrorist unit and acted alone without any weapons — other than his car, a deadly weapon in its own right.

While many pedestrian accidents are caused when car drivers run red lights or drive while using their cell phones, we do not — as pedestrian accident lawyers — encounter many purposeful and murderous pedestrian accidents in our personal injury practice.  It just goes to show you that — at any moment — a wrongful death accident may occur, whether it is an auto accident or pedestrian accident.

Always pay attention when you are on the road, and you might save yourself or others from wrongful death personal injury action.

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