Our car accident lawyers in San Diego know how dangerous drinking and driving can be.  What makes that combination even more dangerous is the added craziness that comes with Super Bowl weekend, where alcohol is part of the festivities across America.

San Diego 6 reports that a female pedestrian walking through the East Village section of San Diego was hit by a suspected drunk-driver early Sunday evening at about 5:30 p.m. on Sunday.  The pedestrian accident resulted in a fractured wrist for the woman on-foot after a sport-utility vehicle hit them.

According to a San Diego police officer,  the man driving the sport-utility vehicle, was turning south on 13th Street from F Street when he hit the pedestrian.  When police arrived, he was arrested on suspicion of felony driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI), which is always a shame because DUI accidents are preventable.

Super Bowl weekend is one of many holidays that can lead to personal injuries or wrongful death caused by drunk-driving.  Christmas, Thanksgiving and even birthdays are other examples of days where celebration can lead to bad choices which can lead to potentially fatal car accidents.  There has been conversation about whether or not the Super Bowl should be moved to Saturday to give people more of a chance to recover from the time spent celebrating before, during and after a Super Bowl party.

Our car accident lawyers in San Diego wonder if this is the right course of action.  Sure, having the Super Bowl on a Saturday might cut down on car accidents caused by drunk driving, but a Saturday game could also lead to more people throwing parties, which can lead to more car accidents.

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Your Take

Is there another angle that the National Football League should take into consideration when it comes to drinking on Super Bowl Sunday?  How do you prevent drunk-driving from happening over this particular weekend?