Toyota Motor Company made price cuts on their Prius model to compete with Honda’s budget-wary Insight Hybrid that was unveiled in March, 2009.  And with prices going down on eco-friendly cars like these, chances are that auto accident statistics will increase because of these automobiles.

Our car accident attorneys deal with all car accident cases no matter what causes them.  New cars made with more eco-friendly components can caus  severe personal injury or even a wrongful death automobile accident just like any other car.

Now Toyota has confirmed that there will be a base 2010 Prius priced at $21,000 that will go on sale later this year. The Prius that arrives in dealer showrooms next month will start at $22,000, the same as the 2009 model.

Recent studies show that eco-friendly cars, while great for the environment, do not do much to help prevent personal injury in a car accident and have been associated with numerous fatal automobile accidents.

As the economy forces drivers to find cheaper modes of transportation, it is worrisome to think that many motorists will purchase cars that put them in the greatest danger of personal injury or wrongful death.

Everyone wants to save money and do their part for making the world a cleaner place to live, but is it worth the risk to drive a car that does not provide passenger safety in an automobile accident?

Our car accident attorneys have experience with auto accidents that have resulted in pain and suffering, personal injury, as well as wrongful death accidents.  We encourage all drivers to do their research on what type of car is safest for them before purchasing an automobile.

Because after all, what good is a clean earth if you are not alive to enjoy it?

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