On April 21, 2009, the Daily Press reported that Victor Valley College police have unveiled a new line of eco-friendly motorcycles that may be putting more patrol officers at risk of personal injury because they are much faster and offer less protection during an auto accident.

“[They are] a cross between an ATV and a Segway on steroids,” officials at the southern California school said.

Our motorcycle accident lawyers see cases all the time of motorcycles accidents caused by reckless driving and with these new vehicles going twice as fast as older models, it could mean more motorcycle accidents will be occurring.

If the new eco-friendly motorcycles are anything like eco-friendly cars, it usually means that they are not as safe to be on during an auto accident.  These autos have less weight to absorb the crash energy experienced in a motorcycle accident.  Having less weight cuts officers’ emergency response time in half, but feels like a motorcycle accident waiting to happen.

The officers of Victor Valley College patrol the campus, where many students and faculty are traveling to and from buildings by foot. So not only has the risk of a motorcycle accidents greatly increased around the school, but so has the likelihood of a pedestrian accident.

We, being motorcycle accident lawyers, worry about the safety of the men and women on these motorcycles because they are in charge of other people’s well-being. First responders need to do their jobs without putting themselves or anyone else in danger of personal injury.

If you got into an auto accident and your emergency responder gets into a motorcycle accident on their way to your accident, who is left to help you?

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